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Air Conditioning Services, York

For heating and cooling services in York, Pickering, Ajax, and Scarborough, Oasis Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has you covered. Call today for genuine advice and our competitive rates.

Air Conditioning Installation Services Near York

Oasis Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has a wide assortment of air conditioners to fit all environments and price ranges. Since 1953, we have been a prominent HVAC company in Pickering, Ajax, and Scarborough. We think a cooling system must be installed in the summer, particularly as temperatures rise. It requires a substantial amount of work to put in a new air conditioner, and some of the things done might seem unfamiliar to someone who has never attempted it before.

We can assist you in selecting the right option, resulting in improved air quality, lower humidity levels, and reduced electricity costs. All installations and replacements are performed according to the code, ensuring a secure feeling. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Professional AC Maintenance Near York

Maintaining your air conditioner properly is essential in order to get the most out of it. Keeping on top of maintenance will guarantee that your warranty will not be voided, saving you money on repairs in addition to extending the lifespan of your unit. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your AC system in good working order (not literally); hence you should arrange for routine servicing.

We always recommend that our customers get their AC checked once a year. We can maintain and repair minor issues with this method. Annual maintenance is important to maintain optimum efficiency. Call Oasis Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. today to book an appointment.

Oasis Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has 50 years’ experience in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of HVAC systems. For upgrades, conversions, and tune-ups, give us a call! We operate in Pickering, York, Ajax, and Scarborough.
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